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Travel Required:Yes
Position Type:Full Time
Desired Education Level:PHD

Responsible to assist the Medical Director with direction of the care and treatment of hospice patients rendered by the care team.  Assess, implement and evaluate the Plan of Care provisions to meet the patient’s medical needs.  Manage related expenditures in a fiscally responsible manner in accordance with the company budget, travel as necessary.




1.      Consult with the patient’s attending physician, providing guidance and direction to the hospice program to assure quality care for patients and families.

2.      Serve as a liaison and contact between the hospice team, community physicians and other health care providers to develop and expand the hospice program.

3.      Provide direct medical care as needed to patient receiving hospice services.

4.      Participate on the Total Quality Assurance Professional Advisory Committee.

5.      Assist in the development of the hospice plan of care in conjunction with the patient/family and the attending physician.

6.      Serve as a liaison to the attending physician acting as attending if so requested by the patient’s primary physician.

7.      Assist Executive Director and Medical Director in developing, implementation, and evaluation of continuing education programs for hospice staff and the health care community.

8.      Prepare and submit clinical and progress notes in a timely fashion showing patient progress toward attainment of goals.

9.      Maintain appropriate clinical records, progress notes and reports for purposes of evaluation of hospice program.  All records are submitted in a timely fashion.

10.  Maintain communication with team members to promote coordinated and efficient care.

11.  Participate in staff meetings, department meetings, team meetings, briefings, in-services, committees and other related activities as needed.

12.  Assure compliance with local, state and federal laws, Medicare regulations and established company policies and procedures.

13.  Meet or exceed delivery of company service standards in a consistent manner.

14.  Conduct all business activities in a professional and ethical manner.


These statements are representative of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents of this job.  Incumbents may be requested to perform related tasks other than those stated in this description.




General office, extended care facility, patient home setting, exposure to infectious diseases, travel by automobile and occasionally by airplane.  Hours are at physician’s discretion, as necessary to accomplish responsibilities.




  1. Doctorate degree in medicine or osteopathy from an accredited medical school.
  2. Current license to practice medicine in the state.
  3. Knowledge of the principles and practice of primary medical care, with working knowledge of oncology medicine.
  4. Knowledge of palliative care with emphasis on control of symptoms associated with a terminal illness.
  5. Knowledge of local medical community with ability to enhance the hospice’s visibility and reputation with practicing physicians and hospitals.
  6. Ability to work collaboratively with the patient’s primary physician to interpret the hospice program and affect optimum medical care.
  7. Compliance with accepted professional standards and practices.
  8. Ability to work in an interdisciplinary setting.
  9. Ability to provide good written documentation in a timely setting.
  10. Satisfactory references from employers and/or professional peers.
  11. Satisfactory criminal background check.
  12. Valid driver’s license and an automobile that is insured is accordance with state law and is in good working order.
  13. Flexible and cooperative in fulfilling all obligations.



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