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For Health and Family Advisors


Hospice is about a team of family, friends, and health and family adviors who work together to create the most comfortable and dignified care for those with life-limiting issues.


We are available for consultation with health and family advisors. The following information provides additional information on indicators and our in-service programs.


For more information call 412-921-2209 or email us at


General Indicators
Patient/family desires comfort or palliative care                                          
Patient no longer wishes to be hospitalized
Physical decline
Increased assistance with ADL’s
Multiple Co morbidities
Weight Loss
Serum Albumin < 2.5
Frequent hospitalizations or trips to the ER
Increasing pain or weakness
Life limiting condition
Heart Disease
Discomfort with physical activity
Supporting indicators:
Optimally treated with medications
Hx of cardiac arrest
Unexplained syncope
No aggressive treatments available or being sought
Patient showing decline


Stage seven or beyond on the FAST scale
Unable to ambulate without assistance
Unable to dress without assistance
Unable to bathe without assistance
Urinary and fecal incontinence, intermittent or constant
Unable to express needs
One or more of the following:
Aspiration pneumonia
Recurrent UTI
Stage 3-4 decubitus ulcers
Recurrent fevers
Weight loss
Renal Disease
No dialysis
Creatinine clearance < 10cc/min, 15cc/min in diabetics
Supporting indicators:
Signs of uremia
Intractable fluid overload
Oliguria <400cc/24 hours


Dyspnea at rest
Poorly responsive to bronchodilators
Decreased functional capacity
Recurrent infections
Increasing ER visits
Weight loss
Resting heart rate > 100
Oxygen dependent

Liver Disease
PTT> 5 sec above control
Serum Albumin < 2.5 g/dl
Ascites despite diuretics
Hepatorenal syndrome
Recurrent variceal bleeding
Supporting indicators:
Muscle wasting
Hepatitis C
Active Alcoholism


Impaired breathing capacity
Increased assist in ADL”S
Decline in speech
Progression from normal to pureed diet
Progression from independent ambulation to wheelchair
One or more of the following:
Weight loss
Aspiration pneumonia
Recurrent fever
Stage 3-4 decubitus ulcers


Karnofsky 40% or less
Nutritional status decline
Weight loss
Supporting indicators:
Aspiration pneumonia
Stage 3-4 decubitus ulcers
Recurrent fevers

















For more information call 412-921-2209 or email us at

In-service List


Bethany Hospice provides speakers and trainers for various events and meetings. Many of our in-services are eligible for RN and/or SW CEUs. If you are interested in holding a training or meeting, please call 412-921-2209 or email us at


Examples of available topics include:

  • Hospice 101
  • Elder Abuse
  • The Hospice Process
  • Enjoying the Holidays When a Loved One Has Alzheimer’s
  • Determining Hospice Appropriate Patients
  • Safe Management Techniques and Incident Reporting
  • Discussing Hospice with Patients and Family Members
  • Pain Management
  • The Role of Hospice in a Long Term Care Facility
  • Stress Management
  • Stages of Grief
  • Death and Dying
  • Laughter Is the Best Medicine
  • Advance Directives
  • Caring for the Caregiver
  • Dealing with Difficult Families

Bethany Hospice is continually developing new in-service topics.  If you have a need for a specific in-service not listed above, please contact us.



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